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Get more from your hotel or Bed and Breakfast with the best online booking system by Steve Bishop from Flame Concepts

Booking online is almost second nature, virtually the first thing most of us do when planning to go away, either on business or for pleasure.  It is of no surprise then to find that 65% of those booking accommodation online are doing so from their mobile smartphone. 


Despite this, there is still a large portion of the market place doesn't have either a mobile responsive website or their booking system (if they have one) doesn't work on mobile either.  The answer is often seen as the easy route, let someone else do the job.  That other person, or business, is often the major channel managers.  These routes to market provide an invaluable mix and a host of support to the business but often at great cost.  It is of interest then to see that only 19.5% of bookings are made through these channel managers, far smaller than you may believe.


The market is prime, customers are there and demanding service and yet the industry is still not servicing them.  Luckily, there are solutions available that don't rip the business or the customer off.  Commission free, mobile responsive and branded to match the business, the Flame Concepts Hotel Management System is more than just an online booking solution for hotels and B&B's.  


Allowing cusotmers to see information on the rooms as they book with a selection of pictures to scroll through, empowers the business and the customer.  Being a property management system, the reporting boosts the understanding of the business, now, in the past and possibly more importantly, how bookings are looking in the future.  


There are also options available to add in an EPOS (Electronic point of sale) set up that can allow you to take orders via mobile devices, printing directly to the kitchen and/or bar as well as adding charges to the room.  All of this, available as a cost effective set up?  Too right!  Drop us a line ( or call 01900 268281 to unlock your potential.


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Steve is director of Flame Concepts with 25 years business management and development experience from small retail to supermarket stores both in store management and area/regional project management and support roles including Harvey Nichols. Building on the success and experience, Steve has gone on to build 2 online businesses, Flame Concepts started in 2012 offering specialist event ticketing and conference registrations all of which is now an international brand with increasing success supporting businesses, events, charities and conferences grow.


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