How it works - Ticketing

Working with Flame Concepts for your event ticketing solutions couldn’t be simpler.

Contact us today and we will start by finding out a little more about your event, attraction, conference or venue. We’ll discuss whether it is free to attend or paid-for entry and we’ll find out whether you already have a website and social media accounts set up to promote it. Once we have all the necessary information and we’ve had a chat to decide which event ticketing solution is best for you, we’ll have you all set up and ready to go, usually in just a matter of days if not hours!. 

Once you have checked out your bespoke ticketing solution using the link sent for you to review, it’s time to go live and promote, promote, promote!

There are countless ways to publicise your events and grow sales, including via your own website or one we have created for you, on social media and even using promotions or incentives. You’ll have access to easy to use sales analysis and reporting tools 24/7 too, so you can keep control and see what works for your customers.

It sounds too good to be true, but letting Flame Concepts take care of your event ticketing and access control really is that simple.