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The power of cloud-based solutions is clear and Flame Concepts is at the forefront of the revolution.

Being open to innovation and responsive to change is part of what enables us to provide businesses, events and attractions with industry-leading registration and ticketing solutions. We believe in equipping our clients with the tools they need to better understand their customers and ultimately grow their event to its full potential. Meeting such constantly evolving needs requires continuous attention to changing technology, product development and new services, which is why we are always on the lookout for industry leaders who can enhance our solutions.

Do you share our passion for technology and software capable of empowering clients to make the most of their event or attraction?

Just as technology is constantly evolving, we too are constantly developing to meet the changing needs of the Flame Concepts client. If you share our passion for innovation and think your product, service or technology could take our ticketing solutions to the next level, get in touch today. We’re always eager to discuss potential link-ups and partnerships, both in the UK and overseas, so give us a call on 01900 268281 or email

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