ROCCR - Crowdfunding

ROCCR.COM now live as a new crowdfunding websiteNew Crowdfunding Website Live - ROCCR.COM

A new crowdfunding website has been launched, ROCCR.COM with the site being powererd by our award-winning system and is the newest business to help raise money.

The new fundraising website is live and taking applications for businesses and projects to kickstart their new ideas and help them grow.  Focused on the creative arts, ROCCR has been set up as a limited by guarantee business which means it's not driven by delivering shareholder profits.  Instead, (headed up by Iain Baker, manager and keyboard player from Jesus Jones, who's experience in the music industry and in raising money with crowdfunding platfroms helped us to avoid the problems of the past), the team, including our own Steve Bishop for the technical delivery, is focused on helping the people using the site to crowdfund in an open and transparent way.

Get involved and crowdfund 

If you've got an idea and you want to get a fundraising campaign underway, you can sign up for a free account.  Then, just register your campaign.  For the businesses/projects, it is just a single cost and then the people buying the gifts or rewards cover the costs. 

Why does it cost?

Traditional crowdfunding platforms and websites hide the costs to people buying the gifts or making pledges - the difference is here, ROCCR is set up without a huge hedge fund or lots of shareholders trying to drive profits.  It has been set up to deliver results fairly and transparently.  It is a business and there are basic costs of the platform we need to cover, some basic administration and looking after the projects and that is why we need some cost.  Any profit will be used to reinvest in the platform and cover these basic costs.  We want to be transparent and honest.

Who can register to raise money on ROCCR?

We launched the new crowdunding for business targeting at the 'creative arts'.  What does this mean?  Here's some of the projects we're talking to:

  • Music - bands, artists looking for their next album or new demo, a tour or similar
  • Theatre
  • Film / TV
  • Dance / Productions
  • High-end restaurants
  • Tattoo Studio's
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Art Exhibition 
  • Sculptures
  • Garden designs
  • Magazine and book publications - poetry, children's books and more...

As you can see, there is quite a lot in there being covered so if you're interested in knowing more, get in touch with the team on 

The team at Flame Concepts / are excited to be a part of this journey and look forward to growing the business and platform with everyone.