Scanning & Entry Control

Whether your event is held in the middle of a field or at a more permanent venue, we can assist with security and access control by using barcoded tickets, RFID wristbands or e-tickets! No other event ticketing provider offers such a complete solution.

We can provide all the hardware, software and training you need.


Entry control as you need itEntry control for events, your way with Flame Concepts

Have sales from multiple sources? We can help scan all tickets from multiple sources helping you to maintain control and maximise sales.  No ticket? Lost email?  Whatever the situation, we have the flexibility to deal with customer enquiries at the event or give you the tools to answer questions with a click of a button. Validating tickets and offering real-time alerts, we can take the hard work out of crowd management, security validation and guest list control.

Features of our access control and monitoring solutions include:

  • RFID links for live access reporting
  • Scanning via hand-held devices connected to your central ticketing system
  • Effortless crowd flow management
  • Capability to restrict access to backstage areas
  • Monitoring of vehicular access
  • VIP entry options with fast track scanning
  • Guaranteed Wi-Fi
  • Ticket-linked virtual cloakroom for total security

Put your event in safe hands. Contact us today on 01900 268281 or email for a no obligation quote and let us share our entry management expertise.