Sporting Events

Free to attend or paid for entry, ticketing for a small or major sports event is one headache you can ignore. 


Our experienced team can be on hand to help get the most out of the ticketing for your spectators as well as building sponsorship opportunities and is scalable to ensure it can cope with any demand.

We have a system rich with features that allows us to support you in a number of ways.  Keeping up to date with registrations and sales via the live portal, you'll be in control all the way.

Creating flexible forms for the event, collecting the data you need, you can relax and focus on the challenges of putting on the event.  With a branded call centre for customer support available, we are there to give you the support you need to make the event registrations as easy as possible.

Whether categories are limited or open, clubs or groups, we can build powerful forms to meet your needs.

Have total peace of mind with entry control that works for any size event.  Restrict entry to zones or gates based on type of ticket issued for both visitors, competitors and staff helping to ensure safety and security.  What's more you can have live on site reports and full analysis of use around the venue or site.

If you're in a field or up a mountain, it doesn't matter.  Your competitors can have RFID wristbands to keep their clothes safe from one end of the event to the other ensuring total security.


Other features include:

  • Growing suite of reports to help understand your customers

  • RFID access control or scanning support

  • Social media integration for registraitons and ticketing

Talk to us today and ask us about how you can get live for free!  Email or call 01900 268281