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W E B   D E S I G N

Clean, easy to use, mobile responsive and cost effective website design. We can help ignite online potential for your event, business or brand with powerful designs.


From County Shows to festivals, Conferences and seminars promote your next event with our cost effective event ticketing system and online box office.

T A K E   C O N T R O L

Open your business up to the world and ignite your potential with our experience and know-how and arguably the most easy to use and powerful solution around.


We're not just an IT company.  We're not just festival goers either.  We've been there and done it from every angle!

We have created businesses and managed tourist attractions, hotels and events from the ground up, understanding the needs of what you require.  

Our products and services have been built with you in mind because we are you!  We've not just taken one view though - we've worked and developed conferences, small and large, events at venues, tourist attractions and fields bringing together passionate people from all walks of life.  We listen, we do, we grow and you benefit.

That's why we have the packages we do, why we get it; ignite your potential with Flame.

We stand out from the crowd, not only for delivering more features in an easy to use system for online sales, our range of products and services, but on our pricing models.  We can help you get online, selling for your event today.

We are award winning and proud to work with some of the biggest business names and events around the country.  Whether looking to go online or already there and looking for that next step, either from consultancy or our services, call today and ignite your potential!


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