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Direct Payments

If you're taking money from your event, get your income up front, straight into your bank account taken as you.  Simple.

Bookings & Ticketings

Whatever your next event is, you are sure to enjoy more ticket sales and get more bookings with our cost effective ticketing system and online box office, designed specifically to best fit your event! 

Take Control

We put the control of your events back in your hands! With a comfortable and secure system optimized to help you achieve more, you are on your way to opening your business to the world, ignite your potential, and take charge of your fortunes! 


Are you organizing an event and need a secure means of selling tickets directly to customers, or do you want to earn direct income from online ticketing or bookings? You are at the right place, let us help you!

In today’s digital world, you would be lagging behind if you are not taking advantage of our safe, comfortable, and client-oriented digital ticketing services. Whatever your online ticketing or booking needs, at Flames Concepts, we’ll give you the power to securely and easily take control of your events. 

With our unique, easy to use system for online sales, and our affordable, high quality range of products and services, we help you get online, get attention, and sell out your event without hassle! Looking to get online or thinking of taking the next step towards sustainable growth, we are committed to helping you ignite your potential!

Perfect for every event, industry and venue

Buoyed by our vast experience in IT, Events and Business Development, our mulit-award winning software helps us to provide services that are tailored to your specific needs! Our services are perfect for every event, industry, and venue. Click on the headings below to find out more:

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