Consultancy - Igniting Potential

Award-winning and experienced, we advise and coach individuals, businesses and events around the country and, in 2017, in Europe too.

If you're looking for that next step in your business, in self development or in need of support, we're here to help.

Taking those next steps either to start or continue to build your business, whether as an executive of big companies or growing SME, coaching will increase your chance of success.

With over 20 years experience in business, retail, project management, marketing and business development, we have not only advised but we've been there too.  We've taken those leaps and learnt the lessons and built successful businesses from the ground as well as worked at the higher levels of national and multi-national businesses.


Our experience is working with some of the biggest names and businesses in the country and are called upon to advise, support and enhance teams.

How it works is usually an initial discussion, face to face and then periodic meetings beyond.  Weekly catch ups either by phone or online can add to the support in cost effective ways; we tailor what you need to the best solution.

Ignite your greatest potential with coaching and development.  Call or email today to discuss your ideas and needs in confidence.