In a modern and fast pace world, marketing to your customers and being heard about the noise is a challenge.  Despite the growth of social media, the most direct and cost effective route to market is to talk to your cusotmers directly, with eamil.  They've signed up, they're your target auidence so maintaining that loyality is more real with our responsive email marketing tools.

Your brand, your message, when you want to send it!

If you know your customers, its easier to sell to them and keep them loyal.  So let Flame Concepts help you do more to understand who your customers are, where they are, how they interact with your campaigns and what works with your messages.

Simple to read, instant live reporting on your email campaigns can really empower your business and help you understand your customers like never before.

Mobile friendly and low cost email marketing software

Other features inclue:

  • Clear and Honest Pricing

    • We'll give you a full quote for the work ensuring open and clear pricing, with no nasty surprises

    • Spread the cost over monthly instalments or PAYG - whichever works out cheapest for you

  • Great Customer Support

    • Training to update and manage your own campaigns with remote support

  • Changeable banner images

    • Add in seasonal or specific banner images to create that personalised effect

  • Works on mobile and tablets

    • Using some of the latest technology, our templates will show your newsletter in the best way on mobile, tablet or desktop

  • Hosting and technical support

    • We'll give you a on-going technical support with our hosting packages

  • Mobile friendly E-Newsletter options

    • Optional extra available to include business branded e-newsletters that are mobile friendly

Email newsletters from Flame Concepts are amongst the most cost effective and easy to use packages so help grow your business, contact us or call 01900 268281 today.