Level 1

Level 1Level 1 - Ideal for Events and meeting organisers who need that next level beyond the online basics to elevate their event tickets or registrations

Secure and daily paymentsSecure and direct daily payments

Daily payments made direct to your business bank account from all event sales, it is your money after all!


Customer data

Compliant customer data 

Be GDPR compliant and grow using your customer data.  


Mobile optimised formsMobile optimised to maximise sales

Allowing your customers to book with ease wherever they find you 24/7


Joint promotions on justbookitnow.comJoint promotion of your event on justbookitnow.com

Our growing website and social media campaigns that will continue to provide additional marketing support to your events


Secure systemsSafe and Secure

Helping to keep you and your customers safe and legal with current and new legislation and up to date online protection


Cost effective systems

Cost effective 

Providing you the option to add on your booking fees if required to help you maximise your profits, you can save time and money with effeciency savings

Report accessReporting access

Get visibility on sales and data collected from your events with downloadable spreadsheets


Delegate badges and ticket printingFlexible event forms and set ups as you need it

Our customisable event forms means you collect the data you need for you events with options including drop down lists, text or tick boxes and even photo upload, all set as you want them, helping to create a more specialised service and package


Scheduled and flexible formsCustom schedules and availability

Make your available times or slots and tickets easy to find and book allowing customers to book when it suits them and when space is available

Ticket optionsCustom and multiple Ticket Types

Giving you the flexibility and control you need to get the best of sales and offer to your customers


On hand supportSupport and help when you need it

Email or chat support Monday-Friday to help and support you if you need it


Multiple event set up

Multiple custom scheduled forms and events

Plan ahead or make sure your tickets/events open and close when you want them.  With multiple forms for individual events giving you total control and more marketing potential.