Responsive Website Design

Achieving success in business today begins with having a responsive, mobile-friendly, and attractive website! At Flame Concepts, we provide the needed foundation to promote the success of your business, events and shows. With a clean, cost effective, easy to use, powerfully designed, and mobile optimized website, we will help you ignite your online potential for your events, business, or brand! 

Our experts can show you how to market your event across a variety of channels, including a dedicated website, email marketing, PR and social media, promotions and more.   Having spent many years in the event and ticketing industries, we know how to engage your existing audience and how to reach new audiences - two key elements in growing any event or attraction. 

A great website has the potential to not only sell tickets for your event, but to also engage your existing audience and reach a new one. With modern technology, a well-designed website is your number one weapon when it comes to growing your event or attraction and boosting sales.


Key benefits include:

  • Professional design to work on all mobile and desktop devices

  • You'll have editorial control of the website

  • Secure and reliable hosting

  • SEO review available to build the best site for your needs

  • No software to install and simple to use

  • Great packages available with special premium solutions for event organisers


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