Social Media partner scope

We partner with leading names in Events, Entertainment and the Charity sector, providing innovative and specialist digital-based ticketing and registrations with integrity - adding value, saving costs and driving efficiency.

Developing a new platform for consumers to book from, we’re looking to make a presence in the market place with a new great brand and domain for online bookings, tickets for events, festivals, travel and more.

We’re looking for an agency to help us grow the numbers from a standing start, raise awareness, building the brand and sign-ups to the new site to achieve an ambitious growth plan.

We need creative content to get the message out there and looking for the right people to work with to help us.

We champion fair prices and are committed to creating affordable solutions that empower our clients. Our aim is to help increase efficiency in all areas – saving time and money and enabling them to do more for less championing clients and customers fairer booking.  All this combined, we will be creating an industry leading brand and want an agency with the drive, ambition and know-how to help us deliver.

Interested in this challenge?  Get in touch by emailing a proposal and options for costs for a 12-24 month project delivery with monthly cost bands for different delivery options.  Shortlisted agencies/people will be contacted during March-April for further discussions.