25% increase in online sales - Get in on the online growth

More of us in the UK are looking for great experiences at fairer prices for our days out, weekends away and holidays.

According to a report by Hitwise, we are not just turning to our great range of days out but for direct bookings rather than the traditional agency route; the reason?  More of the independent attractions and hotels are promoting ‘booking direct’ to give you a fairer price and more savvy consumers looking for value.

The bigger agencies we have become used to are great tools but they charge a hefty commission, usually to take the bookings and often that involves these agencies hanging onto the money too.

Thankfully there is a continuing awareness, not just in the industry with events and venues  but with consumers, all looking for that special deal or just good old-fashioned value. 

25% Growth

According to the report, the first 2 months of 2018 saw a 25% increase in bookings for attractions and parks.  The attraction world is heavily dominated by events and as we approach the fullness of spring, let us look forward to a bumper summer of sales for our festivals and shows too as we all seek to find those great value experiences and breaks.

This growth is all online and with our ticketing or registration systems that offer more direct routes to an events income, it is an important part of the attraction and events economy.  Having that ticket income drip-feeding in on a daily basis to your own business bank account can make a real difference.

Customers also know that they’re dealing with you directly, as an event organiser, from the registration and payment and which helps those looking for that extra special value.

The winning formula

The combination is a great formula to help events and attractions grow and make more of this continuing trend:

Direct Sales = Daily income = More sales + more of your own customer data + better profits

If you’d like to get more from your event sales and benefit from this growth in online ticketing, take a look at our packages and get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Flame Concepts is an award-winning ticketing and box office registration software provider.

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