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In an article recently on charity website design and how they must tackle content design and architecture, Ben Davis from Econsultancy, addresses some great issues. The challenge of every aspect of the charity having a voice on the site, and deciding which area, is the key driver i.e. is the goal a donation or a subscriber, registering for an event or buying a ticket?

In short, the answer is likely to be all of the above and prioritising those to get that conversion is the goal.

Prioritising and targeting the audience in a message is always a challenge, especially when there are so many core areas that need to be focused on, so what’s the answer?

The right message to the right people with the right call to actionThe right message to the right people with a simple call to action.

Focusing the content on the message for the site sounds easy until you start opening up the discussion and finding all of the areas of the charity need to be heard and seen.  With more and more of the charity sector going increasingly digital, there are so many important messages to put out there. 

Getting the right message then, to the right people can help focus the attention, so how do you do that with so many messages and needs?  Ben’s article makes a great point on the need to look at every page as a home page of sorts – design each page for the message you’re wanting to present with secondary blocks and good navigation to help your visitors find their way around to other key areas.

Using every page as its own home page makes sense in so many ways and, as in so many cases, keeping the page simple then, can really help deliver the message and drive conversions.

Going for conversions with specialised registration formsGoing for conversions

The call to action can then be specific to that page, and, in the case of The Prince’s Trust that we’ve been working with recently, their need for more specialist registrations and support for the sector, even at the highest levels, was a challenge for them.  Thankfully we’re working with them to solve those needs and with other charity events too.  

 Other key actions can be buying that ticket for a gala fundraiser or registering for a charity fundraising event.  These steps, usually needing specialist registration forms with fields to manage the flow of data and help save time for a small team in a charity, are the final piece of the puzzle on a charity website.  Good content, for the right people. with a good call-to-action that drives engagement, can help save you time and money.

If you’d like to find out more about how our specialist registrations and ticketing can support your charity or event, please get in touch. 


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