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LinkedIn has, like most social networks, been busy growing over the last few years.  In an ever competitive market place, its fighting for its share of your attention.  They keep evolving, looking to improve how they work and inevitably, unless you're watching, you'll miss some important updates.

So if LinkedIn for you?  Traditionally its a job hunting areana so you'd think that if you're a customer facing company, that this falls outside of your skope, right? Sadly not!  Just because the people may be business related, LinkedIn is a great source of information, networks and groups.  If you want to know something, you can bet you'll find someone there who can help.  Equally, lets not forget, just because a business person is not your 'traditional customer' (i.e. consumer facing) they will likely have a family, they will buy goods and services from the high street and so...they are you customers!

A recent change, (sneaked in under the radar for most people) has been introduced, or even removed.  The company pages had products and services which were a great place for businesses to promote their wares and even get linked reccemondations has been removed as of 14 April 2014.  These are now replaced with 'Showcase' pages.  Similar to the products and services pages in one way, they're actually a smaller version of the predessosor which means you have to be short to get the point across.

If you're not there, Company pages are a great way to help increase your digital foot-print and with a couple of showcase pages, another way to promote your key services.

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