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Understanding the way Google ranks websites is only really known by Google.  No one can claim to understand or know the real truth behind the search giant's patterns or reasons but there is one theme that is consistent, and its something everyone would agree on - Keywords.  

Keywords are the phrases and words put into the search engine and since day 1, Google has been keeping a database of every single one we have ever done.  Using a free tool from Google then to help you understand which words to include in your web design then is an important step in the right direction.

This tool should be used, whether you're a small business, one-man-band or bigger enterprise and the great thing is that regardless of size, Google give it to us all, completely free.

The answer is quite simply the Keyword Tool.  Here you can look up potential keywords and see what works best for you and your business.  Google even help you further by giving you a list of alternative suggestions so you don't even need to be an expert to get the right results.

Taking this simple set and building into a good website will help.  Google and other search engines like information on you.  If you help them get it and its good content, you'll be rewarded with better search results.  

This is just a step in the right direction, not the total solution and should be part of a wider online strategy.

Using other tools to make money whilst you sleep are just as important and to make the most out of them, and your investment in a good website that works for mobile smartphones and desktop users makes these online booking solutions an important step.  Built in with keywords, you could start to improve your position.

But don't tell everyone...its the secret your SEO company has been not wanting you to know about!

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