Improving cashflow (and your customer data) one sale at a time!

The challenge in any business is cashflow and for events, shows and conferences, none more so when traditional ticket agents hang onto your money from sales until after the event but thankfully there are better alternatives.

Why give your money to these third party agents in the first place though?!  It is your money from your sales and it’s your customer data too!  Owning the customer data and growing your business with your sales in the bank is here and now. 

If you’re running an event, show, festival, venue, attraction or conference and you want to get direct payments in advance, just days after the sale is made by your customer, then there is a way.

Don’t have a merchant account? Don’t know what one is or what to do?  Fear the admin involved? Don’t!  

It takes a few basic questions to get your event details set up and then on you as the business or independent trader.  In less than 5 minutes, we can get you set up and running with your details and start enjoying the benefits of award-winning ticketing and registrations and direct payments.   You will then have your customers buying and paying for your tickets in your business name, with that money going direct to your bank drip-feeding daily, just days after the sale!  Even better, you’ll own the customer data too.

That means you get cash in the bank every day from your sales.  Whilst you’ll enjoy all of that, the extra joint marketing is also now available from the newly relaunched site.  This will be growing in numbers and marketing over the coming weeks, months and years and you can benefit from a range of support.  To find out more, talk to us. is owned and operated by Flame Concepts Ltd and is an award-winning ticketing and box office registration software provider.

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Steve is director of Flame Concepts with 25 years business management and development experience from small retail to supermarket stores both in store management and area/regional project management and support roles including Harvey Nichols. Building on the success and experience, Steve has gone on to build 2 online businesses, Flame Concepts started in 2012 offering specialist event ticketing and conference registrations all of which is now an international brand with increasing success supporting businesses, events, charities and conferences grow.


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