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Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores and ticket stands, with people standing in queues for hours to get tickets, well, for those who use Flame ticketing and box office it is at least. The emergence of the digital era has brought with it a brand new space where online buying takes place, and advanced online ticketing is taking the world by storm.

Advanced online ticketing allows people hosting an event to save time, money and stress levels; taking full advantage of online convenience. We provide such ticketing technology via our own bespoke system, simplifying the process of organising both small and large events and venues alike.

From country fairs to concerts, sporting and motoring events, steam shows, conferences and gift vouchers – you name it – there isn’t an event type that Flame Concepts hasn’t supported throughout our years of business. We combine trusted expertise with forward-thinking technology to connect our clients to cutting-edge ticketing and box office management systems.


We are unlike most, offering state-of-the-art solutions that align with your unique needs. We believe in flexibility, which is why our industry-changing approach puts our clients in total control. With Flame Concepts, clients can sell tickets via an online box office on their own websites, mobile social media, EPOS and beyond.

Advanced online ticketing breaks boundaries and pushes limits, with convenient calendar facilities, memberships, season tickets, VIP tickets and so much more. What truly sets us apart is that all of this and more is included in one intuitive package. No surprises. No hidden fees.

What first caught our attention was the fact that event organisers were (and are to this day) wasting far too much time and money, failing to take full advantage of the incredible technology that surrounds us. For a nominal cost, you can completely redefine the way you do business, maximizing your bottom line while minimizing unnecessary effort. It’s the future of ticketing. It’s power at your fingertips. It’s Flame Concepts. Get in touch to see what we can do for you today.

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Steve is director of Flame Concepts with 25 years business management and development experience from small retail to supermarket stores both in store management and area/regional project management and support roles including Harvey Nichols. Building on the success and experience, Steve has gone on to build 2 online businesses, Flame Concepts started in 2012 offering specialist event ticketing and conference registrations all of which is now an international brand with increasing success supporting businesses, events, charities and conferences grow.


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