Are you sacrificing your customer experience?

As we reported last week, the growth of digital continues at a pace and this week saw a new study saying that whilst millennials spend 8.5 hours a day online in the UK, generation Z takes it to new heights going online for more than 10hours a day!

All this time online is fantastic for businesses to promote themselves and reach their audience to turn their enquiries or views  into customers, even monetising their social media with sales.

The challenge we often find from our clients is that they’re making a sacrifice in either the customer experience or cash flow, sometimes and more often than not, both!  So what can you do about it as an event organiser?  Lets look at the customer experience first.

1 – Champion the Customer experience to collect the data you need

Whilst we have our own trends over in the UK, a survey (from Point Source in the US) this week shows our US cousins get fed up with poor service in less than 5 minutes.  If I’m honest, I’m surprised it takes that long! 

Getting the balance right and format is an every changing goal but there is no need to sacrifice the details you need to collect for your event or conference; you can get the right responsive online form and ensure your team saves time and your customers get the details they need to improve their experience.

The use of PDF downloads is still prevalent in many sites and in this one step to turn them digital, you can remove barriers to make a better experience. Give your customers the right experience with your brand helping to maximise the sales potential.

2 – Add more value

Giving your customer the information they need is a great way to improve their online experience and add more into your account.  Adding extra value with optional upgrades is one of the best ways to get even more!

Ways you can add more value can be with magazine subscriptions, show guides, sponsor information or competition entries, t-shirts or something as simple as priority parking, fast track entry or VIP tickets.

Sounds simple?  That’s because it can be and adding these online gives customers the opportunity to upsell to themselves.

3 – Sell on social

Having a responsive form means when you create those events on Google plus or Facebook, their ‘ticket URL’ is a great way to link to the booking or ticketing forms to ‘sell from social’.  You’re promoting your event through your social channels linking direct to your ticketing or registration forms and is a powerful way to generate income from your social media.

If you’d like to talk to us about how you can grow online for your business, attraction, venue or event, get in touch and one of the team can help.

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Steve is director of Flame Concepts with 25 years business management and development experience from small retail to supermarket stores both in store management and area/regional project management and support roles including Harvey Nichols. Building on the success and experience, Steve has gone on to build 2 online businesses, Flame Concepts started in 2012 offering specialist event ticketing and conference registrations all of which is now an international brand with increasing success supporting businesses, events, charities and conferences grow.


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