Growing event ticket sales and registrations in a GDPR world

If you use a software service like Flame for your event ticketing or registrations, the key thing to remember is that we are the data processor, we’re holding the data for you to access whilst processing the sales on your behalf.  We don’t handle the cash for the event, however, that goes direct to you as the business owner, but we are looking after the personalised process which you need to capture sales and the information from customers.  What this means is that you’ll start to see, if you don’t already, a more prominent privacy policy outlining that the data is looked after, on your behalf, and customers will see this too.

As a business or event owner, the customers are yours from our perspective.  We don’t use or abuse the data collected other than to store it to allow you to report on it and manage sales.  You, as the event owner, are still responsible, as you were before, for looking after your customer data too.   Under these new regulations, customers are going to see our partnership more visibly and be able to talk to us both in relation to their data and being removed.

Can you still grow your database for email marketing in the new regulations?

Yes, of course!  You can still ask customers if they’d like to hear from you, they have to opt-in rather than an assumed opt-in or ‘tick to opt out’ as many companies have done in years gone by. 

Be smart and intelligent with data collection

There are opportunities to be smart about the way you do this collection of information and sales, for example, through personalised/bespoke forms to capture extra information, all that you require for your registration or form to complete a sale and be totally compliant.  That’s one of the great things of personalised forms and sales for events and conferences, you can capture what you need intelligently!

The regulations are tightening up on practises and loop-holes which is good, it helps customers feel more confident and will give you a stronger customer contact database. 

The proof that a good database is worthwhile was reported this week showing that customers are less likely to report as spam any emails.  Capture your data in a smart and intelligent way and you’ll have happy customers and swelling bank balance and of course, be compliant to new and changing regulations.

If you’d like to talk to us about how you can grow online for your business, attraction, venue or event, get in touch and one of the team can help.

(GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – A new EU regulation coming into force in May 2018 in the UK and EU.  Despite BREXIT, the UK government has confirmed this will come into force.  Please speak to a solicitor for proper legal advice for your business, we are not providing legal advice on our site).


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